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Live in 3-D (Wylde Nept)

Ever since I created a few MP3 CDs to listen to in my car, I've been spending a large proportion of my car time listening to Wylde Nept, a mostly unknown band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (I've written about the band once before, two years ago.)

Truth be told, I've only created three MP3 CDs to date — just to hold Metallica and Wylde Nept. I'll spin my laziness nicely by saying those three MP3 CDs hold 12 ordinary CDs, a huge quantity of music, so there's no rush to re-rip the rest of my music library.

Wylde Nept plays Celtic folk music. …wait, don't go! It's great music! They've released three albums to date and will release a 4th in Spring '06. I recently realized that the majority of my listening has been to their second album, Live in 3-D.

I looked through that album's track list and compared it to what I've been listening to lately, and was surprised to discover that I genuinely enjoy every single track in this album. It's all great. If you're looking for some fun music, consider this an endorsement.

Of course I do have favorites ("Johnny Jump Up", "Some Kind of Ride", and "Mrs. Durkin") but I recommend the whole album. I've never seen all three albums simultaneously in-stock so I've bought each separately as they were available. Fortunately, they recently made the two newest albums (including Live in 3-D) available through iTunes and Yahoo! Music, so you can download tracks even if the physical CDs are out-of-stock.

My only lamentation is that their T-shirt isn't available in Small. I absolutely cannot wear an Extra Large. (Hint, hint.)

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