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If you've read much of anything here, you'll know I don't blog anonymously. Kyle Markley is my real name. I am not fortunate enough to have a unique name; there are several other Kyle Markleys who also have a footprint on the Internet. Please take care not to confuse us! I'm a self-admitted extremist (and proud of it!) on many issues and it would be unfortunate if someone else was accidentally tarred with my unpopular opinions.

I was born and raised in Iowa, which explains some of the corny humor you'll find here. I hold a bachelor's degree in computer science. Today I live in Oregon and work for Intel as a microprocessor debug architect. I write very little about my job or Intel's business. I think about those things while I'm working, and as much as I love my job I enjoy thinking about other things in my leisure time.

Your humble author is in his late 20s and single (never married).

I fancy myself an intellectual and created this blog in order to contribute to the marketplace of ideas. The Internet is the most intellectually liberating medium ever created, offering everyone the opportunity to publish their ideas and have them discovered and evaluated by others who may be very distant both in geography and in ideological background. The ease of linking and of following links encourages people to look outside the comfortable walls of their current beliefs.

On this site you'll find procapitalist extremism, small-'L' libertarianism, anti-environmentalism, hostility toward collectivism in its many forms, and a mature level of discourse. (Except for the pirate humor. That's important stuff!)

Here's me dressed as a pirate (Halloween 2002):

Captain Arbyte

A more recent picture (April 2006):

Kyle Markley
Tiny Island