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Wylde Nept

Two weeks ago I was out bowling with a co-worker (Dave) and the bowling alley we happened to be at was playing some rather odd music. Old things, weird things, clichéd things.

As we bowled to We're an American Band, Dave mentioned that he had a CD with a version of that tune played on a bunch of accordions — We're an Accordion Band. (Which you can download, free and legal.) I borrowed his CD and satisfied my need to listen to accordion music for, um, a while.

I retaliated a few days later by telling him that he should listen to Wylde Nept's Beer beer beer. You can easily find a low-quality copy of it online, probably not legal but they're not selling the CD it's on right now. They might if they get lots of e-mail about it. (Hint, hint.)

If you like Celtic music — I mean, if you're human and not deaf — you should listen to Beer beer beer. Dave thought it was very interesting and asked me how I came to possess knowledge of such music. I was quick to blame my father. What I didn't know until tonight is that the band Wylde Nept is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I grew up. They're a local band. My father must have heard them live and bought their CDs and used them to corrupt me.

I just ordered their third CD, to add to my sparse but eclectic music collection.

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