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Almost Done Car Shopping

Don't worry, regular blogging will resume soon. I'm almost finished shopping for a new car. From my previous list of 8 finalists, I've selected 3 that I'd like to test drive this weekend.

Buick LaCrosse CXL
Rejected in favor of CXS.
Buick LaCrosse CXS
1st preference. With my options, MSRP $32,820.
Buick LeSabre Custom
Less featured than LaCrosse, but also less expensive. I'll revisit this model if I learn from the test drive I don't like LaCrosse.
Chevrolet Impala LS (1SB)
Honorable mention as cheapest acceptable vehicle. With my options, MSRP $26,870. But they're offering a $4,000 incentive, so I'm only looking at $22,870. No heated seats or several other things I wanted, but for this kind of cost differential I might be able to live with that. Worried that this would violate the spirit of shopping for an "above-average" (>$25,000) car.
Chevrolet Impala SS (1SB)
3rd preference. With my options, MSRP $30,160. (Same $4,000 incentive is available.)
Pontiac Bonneville SE
The SE trim was unexciting, but the SLE trim was too expensive. This vehicle didn't have any stand-out qualities.
Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
2nd preference. With my options, MSRP $30,270.
Pontiac Grand Prix GXP
Rejected in favor of GTP. (GXP is more muscular, but I don't need that.)

At this point I have a positive desire for the LaCrosse, but it is a little more expensive than I hoped. The Impala looks like a good value, but hunting for value isn't my goal. The Grand Prix feels like some of each, so I'll go that way if I succumb to an urge for balance and moderation.

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