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Women Need Warning Labels

I won't have much time to blog for couple days, but had one pithy observation worth posting: women need warning labels.

Case in point, this evening I went to the supermarket and the cashier was wearing several lovely gold bracelets. Since I like gooooold I made the innocent remark that the bracelets were very nice.

And then all of a sudden she gets talkative. I really was not trying to flirt with her but clearly that's how she took it. I didn't even say the bracelets looked nice on her which would have been unambiguous. I was vague. Clearly not vague enough.

Google doesn't hit on (no pun intended) "Murphy's Law of Flirting" so I'm free to coin it: If you're trying to flirt, she will do something to make it impossible or inappropriate. If you're not, she'll assume you are.

But speaking of coining, and gold, and gold coins, I recently acquired a couple British gold sovereigns. I know you don't care, but it's my blog and I can post whatever I like. ;)

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