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The Pains of Separation

My love is gone. I must endure several days of separation, far from sight or touch. I must be patient for reunion, which I hope to be sweet and satisfying.

I took my gold necklace to a jeweler to have it repaired. (What did you think I was talking about?)

About six months ago, shortly after gold hit $400/oz, I celebrated by buying a heavy, investment-grade gold necklace — 3 toz, 24kt (93.31g, .9999 fine). I've worn it almost every day this year, until about a week ago when I noticed a crack on the clasp.

The clasp is unusual in that you must bend it to put on or take off the necklace. After half a year of wearing the necklace, I had bent the clasp hundreds of times, and it eventually wore out.

The goldsmith at the jewelry store, Gary, told me that no one makes a spring-based 24kt clasp. I didn't want to replace the 24kt clasp with something less pure, so I'm having it simply repaired. Unfortunately, he explained that it had to be repaired with gold solder (it can't simply be melted and made like-new) so there will be a small band of slightly-less-than-24kt gold at the repair site. I convinced myself this would be okay because it would mean adding gold, not removing any. :)

Because the chain is too short to slip over my head, Gary recommended that I simply wear it all the time instead of putting it on and taking it off every day. This makes sense, it won't do any harm to wear it while sleeping or in the shower, but it will take some adjustment. I'll only remove it when I specifically don't want to wear it, removing almost all the wear on the clasp.

Unfortunately they couldn't do a same-day repair, so I'll probably have to wait until next weekend before I can get it back. I came home with a repair ticket in-hand, thinking to myself, "They have my gold, and all I have is this piece of paper!" I think that qualifies me as a hard-core, incurable, unrepentant goldbug.

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