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Short Break

My leisure time is evaporating so I'm taking a short break from blogging.

Thursday night I'm going to visit the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair which is being held in Portland this year. Intel has been running some television commercials promoting the ISEF you may have seen. More information about the fair is available here.

Friday night I'm attending a celebratory dinner with my team from work. I did finally locate the Right Tie for the event. The ties at the last store I visited (no smart comments about always finding things in the last place you look for them) were markedly better than those available at the other stores — but I cringed a little inside when I was told they were from the Jerry Garcia collection (yes, that Jerry Garcia.)

After the dinner some of us are going to have a "team freak-out" (not my words!) so I can't predict what time I'll wake up on Saturday. We've discussed the alternatives of drinking, playing pool, drinking while playing pool, and drinking a pool, so you can see this plan isn't fully baked.

This weekend I plan to write about the difficulty of evaluating an allocation of resources, when the feedback is always that more resources are needed.

Also, here's a quick hat tip to two worthy commentaries about Abu Ghraib and Nick Berg.

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