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Thoughts on Valentine's Day

This is posted on the 15th because I timestamp with UTC, but locally it's still the 14th.

This is the only day of the year that seems remotely appropriate to ask this question: Why do supermarkets sell condoms in the feminine hygiene aisle?

There isn't a masculine hygiene aisle — is that because men are naturally clean and don't need hygiene products, or because we're dirty and unconcerned about it? Maybe condoms are with women's products because women are more motivated to ensure they're used? Maybe the stores are just putting all the related products together… but then why don't they label it the sexual hygiene aisle? Truth in advertising, anyone?

I do hope nobody was expecting a serious commentary about love. I suppose I could do that if anyone were interested, but it's not my usual shtick.

For those who are curious, I didn't get any takers on my generous offer to allow a lady to buy me a pizza today. I don't know what happened; I guess they were all out bowling or something.

Instead, I bought my own pizza and spent some quality time with the latest QJAE, which is all about deflation!

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