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Roberts Repeats Self

PCR repeats himself again. He hasn't answered my argument yet, so I have little sympathy. These are the questions I'd like him — or more generally, any advocate of protectionism (<cough> that's an invitation to e-mail me) — to answer:

  • Do you accept or reject the idea that labor is fundamentally scarce?
  • Do you accept or reject the productivity theory of wages?
  • Do you accept or reject economic competition as a principle — despite the risk that you might be outcompeted in some particular instances?
  • If you generally accept it, what makes international trade a special case?
  • What political interventions(s) do you advocate, specifically?
  • Will they benefit American companies and workers, or foreign competitors?

Please consider my essays on the subject to be prerequisite reading. Plus, you'll know why I'm interested in those specific questions.

Tiny Island