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Great Television

About two months ago I accidentally discovered Spike TV's show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. I've been watching it semi-regularly since then because it's so ridiculously funny.

If you haven't seen the show before, you need to know that all the dialogue is dubbed because the video comes from an old Japanese game show. Contestants participate in silly physical games designed to get them hurt and/or dirty.

The faux dialogue between narrators Vic and Ken goes by very quickly but it's loaded with bad jokes in poor taste, just the way I like 'em. Here's a tip: Watch the show with closed captioning turned on! (The captioning is very well done, better than most shows.) With captions you'll be able to get all the jokes even though your laughing drowns out the audio. It helps tremendously to have a DVR so you can back up in short increments if the distraction of reading causes you to miss seeing exactly how the contestants injure themselves.

Sunday they ran an episode marathon, of which I recorded several hours. I'm watching the episodes now (most of which I haven't seen before) and here's one of the most ridiculous exchanges so far:

Vic: All right, next up for defense, Lester Ripps. He developed the "hellhole" methane-seeking rocket. Hones in on the nervous flatulence of the enemy.

Ken: Hey Vic, that's "assified" information.

Vic: Right you are, Ken.

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