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I've completed my background research and note-taking for my globalization essay, but I haven't begun writing it yet. IOW, it won't be ready until next weekend.

You see, I had two important diversions.

The classy, sensible, polite-company diversion is that the latest issue of The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics (vol. 6, num. 3) arrived this week, and I spent some time reading it. I was extremely impressed with William Barnett II's "Dimensions and Economics: Some Problems". It applies dimensional analysis (click it, it's funny) to some common equations in mainstream economics and shows that the dimensions don't work. If you've ever been curious why Austrians don't like the mathematical trends in economics — and really, who hasn't? — you should read Barnett's paper.

The foolish, juvenile, embarrassing-to-mention diversion is that I accidentally recorded an episode of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV (formerly TNN). How to describe it… They took an old Japanese game show called Takeshi's Castle, then edited it and dubbed the audio to be completely full of bathroom humor and sexual innuendo. It's something like MST3K, only it's unfailingly low-brow. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. (Maybe funnier than Family Guy, though nothing like as sophisticated.) There was a marathon this weekend, and I watched a bunch of episodes. Spike TV is advertising itself as the network for men, and I think they've hit their demographic pretty well. So much for getting work done. :)

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