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Just Delusional

Some of the commenters over at Prof. DeLong's blog think I'm "just delusional" for advocating personal responsibility in connection with one's own career.

(Prof. DeLong teaches at Berkeley, and in this case the stereotypes that association conjures up about his readership are accurate.)

There are presently over a hundred comments on that article, so it's perhaps already past the point where people read them all, but you can find the parts I'm involved in by using a case-insensitive search for "Kyle". In most cases that will put the cursor at the bottom of the relevant comment, though.

The thread is about globalization, and in those comments I continue to advocate the position that globalization is good. In response I'm smeared as "right-wing." (Heh!) I continue to be amazed at how quickly people stereotype me when I express an opinion. They don't seem to be aware of the intellectual nuances involved — nor are they aware of their ignorance on that point. What they don't do, as a rule, is ask me to describe my position in my own words.

UPDATE 2003-12-29 08:14:20 UTC: I've gotten involved in this thread as well. But I'm not addicted, I can stop whenever I want to. I just don't want to stop, you see?

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