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Net Worth Report - End of 08/06

August was a great month for my finances. But there's a special item that makes comparisons a little difficult. My ESPP purchases shares in February and August but the payroll deductions are continuous. I don't smooth these effects by counting those payroll deductions as an asset, leading to jumps in net worth in February and August. The amount of the jump this time is between $5,000 and $6,000.

Net Worth Figures

The majority of the rest of the improvement comes from the recent run-up in Intel stock. Short-term holdings are higher than normal because I just sold an (older) ESPP lot. I'll be paying property taxes soon and reinvesting the remainder.

Recall that I'm defining "Adjusted Net Worth" as net worth excluding the value of autos and unvested stock. The "Estimated Contribution" is how much money I believe I'll need to invest in order to meet the following month's ANW target. A declining EC indicates that I'm ahead of plan, and an increasing EC indicates that I need to save more in order to reach my long-term goal.

Goal-Tracking Figures
Adjusted Net Worth$422,503.48$437,900.27
Next Month's Target$425,169.41$440,460.25
Estimated Contribution$269.89$93.72

My credit card balances are 100% backed by time deposits and/or savings accounts earning interest at a higher rate than I'm being charged by the credit card companies. The monthly payment is estimated as 2% of the balance. (Most credit cards are now using a 2% minimum payment, and due to this it is important to have a strong cash flow and/or pay with funds from your credit card arbitrage savings account.)

The 0% period on one of my credit cards is ending very soon. I was able to transfer $4,000 to a different 0% card (but only for a few months) and paid the other $5,000 off.

Credit Card Arbitrage Figures
Balances @ 0% APR$31,682.32$26,248.72
Monthly Payment$633.65$524.97

You can keep track of other personal finance bloggers at NetWorthIQ. I've updated my entry there.

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