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Brain Getting Stuck

Over the past few days I've been unusually focused at work. Not very many meetings or disruptions. Challenging problems to work on. Lots of quality time between myself and the computer, programming in assembly language, playing human compiler.

That does weird things to a person. Many times over the past couple days when I've been roused from my concentration by some kind of interruption, I've noticed that my speaking skills were horrible. I would say words out of order, mispronounce them, and even flatly use the wrong words. This was particular to speech — I had no trouble writing verbose and grammatical comments as part of my programming.

I don't remember experiencing this in the past, but it's certainly happening now. It's been taking me several minutes to "decompress" and return to normal.

I'm not sure what mode I've been getting my brain stuck into, but it's an effective one. I finished the prototype implementation for a new feature in two days when I had previously estimated it would take four or five. (I can usually predict my implementation effort very accurately.) I was working on it urgently, to help some co-workers get past a problem, and this might have been a factor.

I don't have anything profound or insightful to say about this phenomena. Just observing and reporting it. If you work with me and I say something ungrammatical, just smile and get back to me after I've had some time to relax.

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