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Geeking Out (Again)

I just did something that is both neat and unuseful. I loaded third-party firmware onto my old wireless router so that I could get it to connect to my current wireless network as a client rather than as an access point.

Why would anyone want to do that? It's useful if you have a network device that doesn't support WiFi but you'd like to locate it far away from your wired network. The canonical example is hooking up an Xbox (which has an ethernet jack but no wireless support) to your home network so you can access Xbox Live without running a cable from your office to your living room.

I don't have an Xbox. I don't have anything at all that needs to be hooked up in this way. My stationary computers are already on the wired network and my laptops have WiFi. So now I have a neat little tested and working device but no immediate plans to use it.

I did this because I was recently over at the home of a co-worker who recently purchased a used Xbox. This reminded me that I had a perfectly good and modifiable wireless router sitting in my closet. So now I have a perfectly good and modified wireless router sitting in my living room.

And it stares at me, that little blinking light telling me that it wants to stream audio and video from my network upstairs.

A home theater upgrade, including a media center computer, might be in my future.

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