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I Demand an Investigation!

Shocking! Outrageous!

U.S. retail gas prices dropped 15 cents a gallon in the past two weeks, the sharpest decline in nearly a year, according to a survey released Sunday. [source]

These wild swings in gasoline prices are irrefutable proof of a conspiracy among Big Oil companies to rape the earth and put profits ahead of people! The executives should be hauled in before Congress — in handcuffs, I hope — to answer for their crimes!

The FTC needs to vigorously investigate Big Oil and enforce the law against them. Aggressively!

Oh, wait… gas prices went down, you say? That's not the sort of behavior I'd expect from a cartel. Unless … unless they're colluding to force their smaller competitors out of business so they can jack up the prices later!

They mustn't be allowed to get away with this! Congress, FTC, are you paying attention???

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