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So, Intel is laying off 1,000 managers. I'm not a manager so my position is not at risk. But if I was, I wouldn't worry too much. I have a second career waiting for me … in the insurance industry:

Invitation for an interview from Farmers Insurance Group

I have no explanation for this. I have no background whatsoever in the insurance industry.

My only clue is a vague recollection that something like this happened to me about ten years ago. I remember looking through my mail when I was still a student back in Iowa and finding a solicitation something like this. I'm reminded of it because I think that much older letter was also about a position in the insurance industry.

This letter was sent to my current address in Oregon, so I expect that someone has my name and looked up my address. But why do they think I know anything about insurance? Maybe there's another Kyle Markley in the field, but whose address is more difficult to find than mine is?

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