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End of the Long Distance Tax

The IRS is finally giving up on the 3% long distance telephone tax. They're only giving up after having lost several legal appeals, and they're being forced to issue refunds for the past 3 years. (You can claim a refund on next year's taxes.)

I celebrate each time the courts smack down the IRS, but I'm dismayed that the IRS wouldn't give up sooner. And, they've only given up on this tax for long distance service — they're still collecting the tax on local service.

Congress could have stopped this nonsense years ago by repealing the tax. Shame on Congress. They still ought to repeal the tax because that would get rid of the tax on local service, too. And it's generally a good idea to delete obsolete law so that it doesn't unexpectedly surprise people in the future.

I stopped paying the long distance tax a few months ago. My long distance provider had me sign a form and mail it to them — that's all it took. They told me I shouldn't publicize the specific process, though, so I didn't write about it at the time.

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