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Help Spending More?

By way of FMF I read a Money Magazine advice column written for a person who wanted help spending more:

I'm 26 and I'm a compulsive saver. For the past five years I've saved over 70 percent of my net income, and I don't make that much. I track all my spending and have tried to budget "minimum" monthly spending levels, but I can't seem to meet them. I don't consider myself cheap, just frugal. And all my hobbies - music, games, sports - tend to be low-cost. Do you have any suggestions on how I can spend more money?

This threw the columnist off balance, who noted:

I've gotten loads of people asking me to help them save more money. But I can't recall another plea from someone asking them how to spend. With most people, the spending comes naturally, too naturally.

Are compulsive savers really so rare? I've self-identified as one of these people, and my progress has been very slow. I've come to realize that a large portion of my "problem" is that I don't enjoy shopping.

For example, I still have a virtually empty room in my house. It holds my digital piano and some music books and that's it. I can imagine turning that into an entertainment room: big television, entertainment PC, comfy seating, video game consoles, board/card game table, and probably more.

But it would be a lot of work to buy all that stuff. It would take many hours, probably over several weekends, and I wouldn't enjoy that time. I suspect I would dislike it quite a bit. I'd rather spend my leisure time doing things I enjoy. And since shopping isn't one of those things, I don't spend much money.

I think what I need is someone to go shopping for me, and to set up the things that they buy. A sort of general contractor who buys things I don't want to shop for. I realize that in some circles these people are called "wives" but I've got a bootstrapping problem there: I'm not very keen on that sort of "shopping" either.

Part of the popular imagery of being wealthy is having personal servants. I don't know how to hire one. Especially as it would only be a part-time job.

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