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Sorry for the Absence...

Yeah, I haven't posted anything in the past two weeks. I'm back now. The absence is explained by a business trip I took last week. I misconfigured my firewall before I left, so I didn't have access to my home computer while I was away. And during the week before the trip, I was working extra hours and generally tired when I got home so didn't have any strong motivation to blog.

I spent four days in Santa Clara, California, running amok (in a friendly way) with a cluster of my co-workers who traveled from around the globe to be there for a frank exchange of ideas (in a friendly way). We spent our last day meeting in the Robert Noyce Building, Intel's headquarters. The lobby is very nice.

Santa Clara is a funny place to drive. People will pull out onto a six-lane divided road and stop perpendicular to traffic, blocking two lanes, before reversing course and backing off the road. You'll have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting them. Also, wherever it looks like a lot of people might want to turn somewhere, that turn will be prohibited and it won't be obvious how to get where you want to go. Also, every time you put your car into reverse to leave a parking lot, a car or pedestrian will appear behind you. And they might be in a super hurry, honking at you as you start to back out and bounding over the curb because they have better things to do than drive within the lines. I studiously avoided being the driver.

Also, if I'm drunk and I play poker I get a lot of straights.

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