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Net Worth Report - End of 02/06

February is my highest-income month because it combines an annual bonus with the delivery of ESPP stock. (Remember, I'm not accruing that.) I easily beat my goal for this month because my goal calculations don't account for this irregularity in my income. Otherwise, this was a financially uninteresting month, so I'll keep this brief.

Net Worth Figures

It was not a good month for my investments. I would have been down this month except for the boost of ESPP and my extra-large 401(k) contribution.

Recall that I'm defining "Adjusted Net Worth" as net worth excluding the value of autos and unvested stock. The "Estimated Contribution" is how much money I believe I'll need to invest outside of retirement accounts in order to meet the following month's ANW target. (I'm trying to calculate how much "non-automatic" investing I need to do.) A declining EC indicates that I'm ahead of plan, and an increasing EC indicates that I need to save more in order to reach my long-term goal.

Goal-Tracking Figures
Adjusted Net Worth$313,923.77$329,440.10
Next Month's Target$317,419.81$333,251.45
Estimated Contribution$755.82$739.74

My credit card balances are 100% backed by time deposits and/or savings accounts earning interest at a higher rate than I'm being charged by the credit card companies. The monthly payment is estimated as 2% of the balance. (Most credit cards are now using a 2% minimum payment, and due to this it is important to have a strong cash flow and/or pay with funds from your credit card arbitrage savings account.)

Credit Card Arbitrage Figures
Balances @ 0% APR$32,258.33
Balances @ 1.9% APR$14,705.11
Total Balances$46,963.44
Monthly Payment$939.27

I know I haven't written about the online finance classes I'm taking, yet. Between being busy and being sick, I only completed one module this month. I aim to do more next month.

You can keep track of other personal finance bloggers at NetWorthIQ. I've updated my entry there.

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