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I'm late to the fray chiming in on the subject of Muslim overreaction to political cartoons. I don't have a lot of words to contribute here, just a small number of words that I'd like to say very loudly:

Grow Up.

Okay, your religion forbids images of Mohammed. Fine. But there have been lots of images of Mohammed through the years (h/t Instapundit), and some of them are highly disrespectful. But you're not complaining about those. They're not newsworthy. You're all worked up about the recent stuff because that'll get you on TV.

Burn down some embassies. Kill a few people. It's all good — it's all in the name of the Prophet, right? You're outraged and a little beheading action is just what the doctor ordered!

It's strange to see behavior that's simultaneously infantile and barbaric. Being offended is an absolutely normal part of life in a free society. We cherish the right to offend people!

The world has been bending over backward trying to be culturally sensitive and not to inflame the passions of Muslim fundamentalists. This is appeasement and it absolutely has to stop. We should forthrightly defend freedom of expression. No apologies, no hushed tones, no diplomatic phrases. We have nothing to apologize for. The proper response is "grow up."

In fact, I think some deliberate provocation is in order. The best medicine for the "Muslim street" is to be exposed to controversy and offensive material, not sheltered from it. Being offended is normal for people in free societies and it needs to become normal for angry Muslims, too.

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