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A Short Note

I've been unusually busy lately with non-blog stuff. Don't worry; I think things will be back to normal by the weekend. In the meantime I have a few little things to share.

Intel stock hit a 52-week low after our disappointing 4th-quarter earnings release. Even Cramer doesn't like us anymore. Our net income for the quarter was $2.5 billion on revenues of $10.2 billion, but I guess that's only worth a 15 P/E these days. My stock options are almost worthless today — only two lots are above water, and then not by much. Pfeh. Easy come, easy go. You'll see the damage in about a week when I roll up my net worth and tell you about those classes I've been taking. And speaking of data, NetWorthIQ added a tagging feature so now it's easy to keep track of personal finance bloggers.

A co-worker bought Guitar Hero (PS2) and let a bunch of us play. It's a very fun game, and the emerging consensus is that it's even better than Samba de Amigo (Dreamcast). You've gotta try this.

In an amusing coincidence, I'm going to hire the Scotts company to tidy up my not-so-healthy backyard. They cold called me a few days ago looking for customers. Yep, I just wrote about them two weeks ago. I'm going to buy less than their usual services because I don't care all that much about having a beautiful backyard, but I am looking forward to finally getting rid of all the weeds (clovers everywhere!) and thickening up the thin spots.

I hope to be back to regular blogging in a few days.

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