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Net Worth Report - 12/05

This is the first net worth report I can evaluate against my goal. When I wrote about my goal I noted three things that were likely to be problematic. The last item, that stock options are extremely volatile, certainly affected me this month as INTC rose from $22.65/share to $26.68/share.

I'm open to suggestions for improving my methodology, here. I don't want stock option noise, particularly from unvested options, to swamp all my calculations. Here are the swamped numbers:

CategoryNet Worth 11/05Net Worth 12/05

My goal for this report was $301,588.41 ex-auto, or about $325,500 with it. Ignoring noise from stock options (which is hard because I set my goal at mid-month after the stock had risen quite a bit), I'm a little ahead of plan.

I will need to think about how to change my methodology to make evaluations easier in the future. In particular, I'm re-thinking my original desire to use plain numbers instead of attempting to accrue large items. My goal figures are a smooth progression, so it would be helpful to smooth my net worth calculation, too.

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