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Langone v. Spitzer

On Friday, Dec. 9th, Ken Langone stood up to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in a speech that was part of a Cato Institute event.

I've requested a full transcript; here's a short excerpt I caught on CNBC:

I believe business leaders have an obligation to take this guy on. Not for personal reasons, but for the benefit of this great nation America. I think we have a moral obligation to say "this is not what our public officials should be about."

This is exciting. I haven't kept a list of all the disagreeable things Eliot Spitzer has done in his role as Attorney General, but he's made a reputation for himself (in my mind, at least) as a man who uses his office to bully businesses into submission. He brings charges against them, or merely threatens to do so, and businesses back down or negotiate a settlement instead of incurring the cost of defending themselves.

It was obvious to me when Spitzer first became a media sensation that he was a man with political ambitions, which his run for Governor subsequently confirmed. It's all too easy for me to believe he's simply a very power-hungry and very dangerous politician. I'm pleased to see someone stand up to oppose him.

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