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Back From Vacation

Like everyone else, I was recently on vacation. Sorry for not posting an advance warning on the blog, lest you worry about me. (You're too kind.)

Not all is well, though. During the descent of my return flight, I couldn't get my ears to adjust to the changing pressure. And now, several hours later, they're still stuck. My hearing is funny, and my head feels funny, and before you start thinking about how funny all this is, you should know that it was a very painful landing. I'm not in constant pain anymore, but I'm a bit unnerved that everything I've tried to adjust my ears has failed.

If I'm still feeling this way in the morning, I'll pay a visit to an otolaryngologist.

On top of that, today I'm operating on an hour and a half of sleep. My last night on vacation was seriously disrupted by allergies. :(

Blogging will return to normal when I return to normal.

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