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See, I'm Not Crazy

Since I started doing a lot of personal finance blogging a few months ago, I discovered the personal finance arm of the blogosphere and saw that a lot of people were talking concretely about their situation and goals, including taking the step of posting their net worth and discussing how their efforts were helping it grow.

I was surprised to see a roundup of a dozen personal finance bloggers all doing this. But it's a much bigger phenomenon than I expected — there are hundreds of people doing it. It appears that relatively few people in that database are bloggers, but it's still eye-opening how much information people are willing to divulge.

I added myself to the database, but I'm only entering net results, rather than separately listing assets and liabilities in each category.

Naturally, there's a blog for the database itself.

I realize I'm tardy in posting the promised article about my own financial goals, but I haven't had very much time for blogging over the past several weeks. (I'm sure you've noticed, and you're simply too kind to point that out to me.)

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