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Social Security Essay Published

I'm done. Here's a lengthy essay on why individuals should be allowed to opt out of Social Security. (Lengthy is a slight understatement. This essay is over one and a half times the size of my pro-globalization essay.)

Go ahead, read it. Spend some quality time with it. Enjoy.

You'll probably be surprised at how different this essay is from the usual banter about Social Security reform. There are several issues that I chose not to emphasize or chose not to discuss at all, precisely because I don't want this essay to be susceptible to canned responses that don't address it on the merits.

Regular blogging will resume as soon as I don't feel burned out from writing so much. :) In addition to working on this essay in my free time all week, I've also been writing a lot at work. (Technical stuff, microcode specs.) I might need a few days to relax.

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