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A Stroll Around the Blogosphere

Sometime over the past few months, my blog reading has declined. A side-effect is that recently I haven't had many links to other blogs, and haven't discussed articles I've read on other blogs. Let's take a stroll around the blogosphere and see what we find.

Micha is writing a speech about cannibalism, and in one of those gems that makes me almost wish I had comments on my blog, he got the following comment from "Chris":

Humans are the only meat you can eat with the consent of the meal. In a way, that makes cannibalism MORE ethical than any other form of carnivorism.

In older taboo news, Steve Chapman argues cousins should be allowed to marry. I found it highly persuasive.

Speaking of marriage, Bryan is writing about marrying for money:

An even bigger puzzle we can explain is why men don't exploit the INS marriage loophole far more than they do. By going to the world market, the typical American man could probably use the lure of citizenship and a First World standard of living to find a wife who is better-looking, younger, and less demanding than he could find in the States.

Aye, but what about the transaction costs?

George Reisman tells the truth about unions. Apropos nothing in particular, I think his theory of aggregate profit and his Aristotelian basis for national income accounting are extremely valuable.

If you're in the mood to snicker, Don catches Krugman complaining about a problem that Krugman would make worse.

North Korea is getting desperate. This is an opportunity. Thank you, Bush, for not giving in to two-party talks. Here's hoping the six-party talks can make progress now that North Korea knows there's no alternative to them.

And tonight's good-night story is from Fafnir, twisting a parable.

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