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Storms Demolition

My old college dormitory, Storms Hall, was destroyed July 19th, along with its twin Knapp Hall. The Iowa State University News Service has a story and video (Real Media) from the east (Knapp Hall) and the Iowa State Daily (the student newspaper) has a story and video (Windows Media) from the west (Storms Hall).

The Des Moines Register has a video report (QuickTime) with several vantage points.

I lived on the 9th floor of Storms Hall for my 3½ years at the University.

Knapp and Storms are were part of a collection of four dormitories collectively known as the Towers. The other two, Wallace and Wilson, were renovated a few years ago and are still in use. Knapp and Storms were physically deteriorating. When I was there, the buildings had a significant water infiltration problem, rusting the rebar and causing leaks in students' rooms, and also had chunks of concrete falling from the buildings. Also, the elevators were usually broken. Come to think of it, these dorms sucked pretty hard.

For their condition of maintenance as well as their shape, I referred to the Towers as the Communist Housing Briefcases. I had been looking forward to their demolition for the past several years (Yesss! All the evidence is finally gone!) and hoped to attend, but my summer vacation was about two weeks too early this year.

UPDATE 2005-07-20 14:59:41 UTC: One of my field reporters sends this image of the collapse. Click for a high-resolution (200KB) version. Thanks, Dennis!

Storms and Knapp Halls Imploding

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