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From a Q&A with Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman at General Motors:

Q: Can you tell us something about Bob Lutz that people may be surprised to hear?

A: Well, people probably don't realize that I like to cook. I'm very fond of animals …

Yes, they are good with ketchup.

…I'm actively engaged with the Michigan Humane Society.

… oh, well that's different, then.

If it's a bad pun you're looking for, try this one. It's a really good bad pun, even by my standards.

And what about my standards? We engineers are a sad lot. In a discussion at work last week, we were scoping the role of a new debug tool we're going to create, and realized we could use a bad acronym for its name: "BUTT".

It gets better. This tool would have some involvement in the process of gathering array dumps from our processors. Obviously this means we'll be going to the lab and using our BUTT to take a dump on a processor.

Yes, the world's most advanced microprocessors are debugged with the help of engineers who still think bathroom humor is funny. (If this surprises you, you clearly haven't spent enough time around engineers.)

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