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Sometimes I'm a Little Slow

I can't stop chuckling. This is so ridiculous I have to write about it. I just spent about ten minutes trying to wrap my head around a very short e-mail.

At first I thought it was spam because I couldn't figure it out. But it referenced something on my blog, and I wasn't ready to believe spammers are that sophisticated yet. But if it's not spam… it should make sense!

I see you're still full of shit :) I'm loving that ladybug on the island and Lewis & Clark being overbudget and late. I'm way too easily amused for a princess.

The good news is that I have car insurance so I can travel once again. Bad news is I can't afford the gas. If I just had a boat that would float, I'd be good to go.

Such is life. Waiting for true love to show up when you least expect it.

Puzzled? I was.

My only clue was that the author's name seemed vaguely familiar. So I checked my old e-mail and, sure enough, this is a bona fide real person who I've corresponded with before (in January). Not a spammer. So the e-mail definitely should make sense.

So who would open an e-mail by telling me I'm full of shit? Poopie, of course! And she, by virtue of her pseudonym, can get away with it. So then I start laughing. But it gets even better!

The Lewis & Clark reference I understand; I had just written it. But I drew a blank on the ladybug reference. I checked google and discovered that I've never written the word "ladybug" on my blog (until now). So I re-read my own index page to see if I had made any oblique reference to anything ladybug-like.

I was ready to give up when I scrolled all the way to the bottom. And then I suddenly noticed my own site graphics. At the bottom, and on my banner, I have graphics of a tiny island. And a round red thing that could be (I suppose!) mistaken for a ladybug. At this point I laughed for about a minute and decided I absolutely had to blog about all this.

Poopie, that's not a ladybug. That's a wild pizza. You see, it's pizza shaped and has toppings… and the spear is how you know it's wild. (Domesticated pizzas don't have spears.) You should read the story (and then read the analysis so it all makes sense). The story was written a year before I started blogging, and is responsible for my piratey theme.

The bit about "a boat that would float" weirded me out because it sounded like something an old girlfriend of mine would have said. (Six years ago — sigh.) But no one could have known about that. It must have been a coincidence.

Anyway, Poopie — HI! Good to hear from you again. Pardon my rambling. :) Have fun on the piano this weekend. I think I'll be spending my time much the same way.

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