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I Bought a Car

I did my last two test drives Tuesday and bought a car. It's a factory order, so it'll be about six weeks before I receive it.

I'm buying a LaCrosse. None of the bad things I noticed on the earlier test drive were true of the vehicle I drove this time. I'm glad I gave it a second chance. It was easy to choose the LaCrosse over the Grand Prix — I'm not a driving enthusiast, so I prefer the smoother and more insulated ride of the LaCrosse.

Here are the details of what I'm getting. Yes, I'm mostly posting this so I can say "it's on my blog" when people ask about it in person.

  • (4WE19) 2005 Buick LaCrosse CXS
  • Exterior: (22U) Deep Sapphire Metallic ("blue")
  • Interior: (192) Ebony Nuance Sandstone w/ Leather-appointed Seats ("black")
  • (U3L) Sound system, ETR AM/FM stereo w/ CD/MP3 player
  • (P23) 17" aluminum chrome-plated wheels
  • (PEC) Gold Convenience Package (steering wheel controls, heated mirrors, 6-way power adjusting passenger seat, rear parking assist, etc.)
  • (R13) Chrome appearance package
  • (JL4) StabiliTrack
  • (AY1) Side air bags, front and rear
  • (KA1) Heated front seats

I'm buying it at invoice, destination charge included, for $29,990.78. (MSRP is $32,820.00.) I'll receive the manufacturer incentives in effect on the delivery date, so I can't make the decision about how I'll finance until the new incentives are announced.

I bought it from Royal Moore Auto Center. My salesman is Al Clute, the fleet manager.

I'm only planning to write one more article about the car shopping process, reflecting on what I liked and didn't like, and some commentary directed at automakers. "Regular" blogging will resume shortly! (It's about time!)

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