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What is "Rock the Vote", Anyway?

Rock the Vote is supposed to be a "non-profit, non-partisan organization … [that] mobilizes young people to create positive social and political change" — and, importantly, "The goal of Rock the Vote's media campaigns and street team activities is to increase youth voter turnout."

I didn't pay any attention to RTV during the last election cycle. Maybe I should have. I swallowed their PR and assumed they were just encouraging people to vote but not pushing an ideology.

I was wrong.

The Rock the Vote Blog is absolutely pushing an agenda. Many of its recent articles have attacked Social Security Reform. (And have done so sophomorically, such as titling one article "All the cool kids oppose privatization".) Not this one, and I have it on good authority that I'm cool, so nyah-nyah.

The comments have been very hostile. If RTV is reaching the young audience it's intending to, I'm heartened to see that so many young people see through the Social Security system's veneer and recognize it as a screw-the-young system.

If the blog wasn't enough to convince you RTV is pushing an agenda, check out their clothing line. It would be funny if it&hellip no, it is funny.

Sometimes I fantasize about running for Congress simply so I could get a column in the Oregon Voter's Pamphlet to write an anti-Social Security screed. That would be my entire campaign, just the Voter's Pamphlet. I know I'm thoroughly unelectable, but I'd be very interested to see how many votes I could get.

That would be my way of conducting the poll that the polling organizations aren't interested in doing.

The required paperwork is all online. And curiously, it appears from SEL110 that a minor-party candidate (helloooo, LP, have I mentioned I find you slightly less nauseating than all the other political parties lately?) doesn't have to collect signatures. And no mention of any fees. It can't possibly be that easy, can it?

Hmmm. I'm not by nature an impulsive person, but should I be worried by the fact that I've spent even this long contemplating it?

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