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Great CotC This Week

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is unusually good.

My favorites:

  • Government-Sponsored Enron: The Fannie Mae accounting scandal is about 20 times as large as Enron's, but is curiously receiving much less media attention and no one has been indicted. Hmmm, why is this?
  • "Technology comes in two types: clone-able and magic: The latter is easier to make a profit with.
  • A great advertising idea if we de-socialized our healthcare: "At the Smith health center, if you wait more than ten minutes after your scheduled appointment time, your visit is free."
  • Drug development and market failure… or not.
  • Fascinating federal government revenue and expenditure numbers. Guess where the problem is?

Additionally, and totally unconnected to anything I've ever written about, this blog has a great banner. A cute girl motioning as if to hand you a drink, or deliver a toast? That's plain great. It's a total non-sequitur (the blog author is a guy) but who cares? Not me! Now I need to find a bunch of gorgeous women to pose for photographs. …but if I had that, I might reduce my blogging a bit.

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