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Spring Cleaning

Sorry I've been unusually quiet recently. I've been doing some spring cleaning and working through my list of chores I've been putting off.

The only respectable thing I've been up to is that I bought a filing cabinet and I'm organizing the piles of paper that had been growing steadily atop every horizontal non-floor surface in my house.

Would you believe I still have apartment lease papers from 2001? Those I'm throwing away without remorse. Other things are harder to part with.

Previous cleaning efforts have mostly preserved the disorder, moving it from other rooms into my office room. (I can discern the sedimentary layers.) This is the first time I've made a dent in the office mess.

UPDATE 2005-03-28 08:03:33 UTC: Threw away my records of college jobs. Kept records of my internships. Threw away apartment records. And then, of course, I found my long-forgotten little pile of letters and telephone numbers of old girlfriends (and girls I should have called but didn't), and all cleaning work halted. <sigh> It's probably poor timing to discover such a thing on one's birthday…

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