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Shocking! Out…rageous?

Loren, this one's for you. Have you heard of a game called Lightning Reaction? It's an up to 4-player game that gives the player with the slowest reaction time an electric shock. It's a bit short of the electro-shock Jenga idea, but it's still, er, powerful fun. It's a particularly good game to bring out after people have had a few drinks. The drunk lose very consistently. :)

I noticed that people have very different tolerances for electric shock. Some people were very bothered by it and wouldn't play, or only played once. Some people would drop the handle immediately if they started getting shocked. And there were a few people like me who didn't mind it at all and thought it was pretty neat.

In other party news, going in costume as a goldbug is a poor idea. None of your friends know anything about commodity money or the gold standard. They'll just be puzzled, thinking that your Transformer costume is really bad. That's not the reaction you're looking for with such an expensive costume. C'est la vie.

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