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Public Tsunami Aid Boosted

Shocking! Outrageous!

President Bush has requested an additional $600,000,000 in public aid for tsunami victims. This is in addition to the $350,000,000 already pledged.

When a person gives his own money to the needy, that's charity.

When a person gives his neighbor's money to the needy, that's theft.

As I've said before, charity should be private. I can't remember if I've linked to this excerpt about Davy Crockett opposing public charity before, but it's a good read and absolutely relevant.

The Constitution does not authorize public charity. The federal government does not, strictly speaking, have the power to do what it has done and continues to do. This is the position of James Madison, among other luminary figures. I regard Bush's method of expressing his "compassion" as detestable.

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