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Man's Rights

The rights of individual men, as men, not grandiose universal "Rights of Man" stuff.

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey — yes, four names! I think I'm jealous — writes about a jaw-droppingly horrible injustice of family law run amock. A man is (was? I can't tell…) being held liable for child support payments (it is his child) to a woman he never had intercourse with!

Jacqueline has some very interesting thoughts on what the rights of men should be when it comes to parenthood. Go, read them. Then come back.

I didn't know the system was so screwed up. I think I also realized that Jacqueline's formula of spicing up political and economic commentary with stuff about sex and romance would be a great way to get more readers.

As soon as I get some sex and romance, you'll be the first to know.

Ooooh, here's something. A pretty girl touched me today. On my arm. In a very nice way. Am I an alpha male yet?

Regarding the "four names" thing… I know it doesn't apply here, but I can't resist the memorable one-liner I heard a few years ago: "That's what happens when two people with hyphenated last names get married!"

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