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A Bad Day (For Me)

Arrr. This day, she was bad to me. I need to do a little harmless complaining. Bear with me, this won't take long…

I couldn't task-switch at work. I only worked on one thing all day, and it took all my available concentration.

When someone stopped into my cube to ask questions about a draft spec I wrote, I couldn't answer their questions well. I had to rediscover on-the-spot the reason for a restriction I put in. I also got my cacheline endianness backwards so for a while I was explaining something exactly wrong.

When I went back to work after lunch, I discovered I forgot my badge at home. (And when I wrote the preceding sentence, I originally wrote "back to lunch after work" — <sigh>)

I had to do some script-writing this morning related to some debugging I'm doing, and in the afternoon I realized I made an elementary error. I had incorrect constants in part of the code, sending my debug efforts down a wasted path until I found the error.

My whole day's effort yielded nothing; at the end of the day I determined the data I had been looking at wouldn't be sufficient to understand the problem. Tomorrow will mean new experiments to gather additional data. (And sadly, it will be data of a different kind, so my script-writing won't be useful.)

After work I discovered I had a nearly-flat tire. I gingerly drove to a gas station to get some air. On the way, my low fuel light came on — which wouldn't have been a problem, except that the gas station I went to was closed. I got air there, had to drive to another station to get gas. Oh, and I discovered I'm missing a valve cap — on a different tire.

It's days like this I'm glad I don't work with heavy machinery or chemicals or generally anything that might kill me. To describe this as a bad day probably sounds silly to someone who has truly serious things to worry about. Yeah, I live a very comfortable life most of the time. But today I think I'm going to go to sleep early.

Just proofreading this was depressing. I can't write today, either…

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