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TennCare Update

My original TennCare article has scrolled so far down that I thought it was better to use a new post for the update instead of adding to the old one.

James writes:

It nice to see some discussion form the blogsphere on Medicaid Managed Care or as specifically referenced in your article, TennCare. What your readers may not know is that this type of experiment is going on across the country. In fact I run a company that specializes in the implementation of these programs. Your home state of Oregon has one of the highest penetrations of managed care in the nation at 77.74% (330,874 beneficiaries of 425,627 eligible).

Yes, managed care is popular here. But not with me. I switched to a high-deductible plan with a Health Savings Account. The Oregon Health Plan has some embarrassing problems, and there's also an interesting pattern of voters rejecting tax increases to pay for the OHP.

Funny that tax increases should be required, isn't it? If the system were set up properly to begin with — i.e., including an accurate assessment of costs — we should't have a funding problem. Yet we do.


John Bailes has started a blog dedicated to TennCare and has very interesting interviews there.

He's also criticized the TennCare cuts at the Chattanooga Pulse, arguing that costs will increase because people will turn to emergency rooms.

I rather think this will be more than offset by people no longer overconsuming "free" health care. But I've already had my say — go read his.

Over at poop happens, you can find some commentary about TennCare from someone who's been in the health care industry there for 27 years.

Janie goes by the pseudonym "poopie" and describes herself as "a smartass". <rimshot>

This is hilarious.

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