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Ethics Delay

I've been writing my next ethics in emergencies installment, and having an awful time with it. I haven't found a good organizational structure for it yet, and I'm dissatisfied with the clarity of what I've written so far. The threads aren't weaving together into a whole. This isn't a good writing day for me, and I can't force it, so I'm just going to delay publication until Monday or Tuesday night.

This has been a music weekend, not a writing weekend. I spent a lot of time playing with CMN, a Lisp-based language for sheet music notation, because I want to create a more readable rendering of a piece I'm learning to play. I've had a lot of trouble with that, too… but I probably deserve it, for using a tool that describes itself as "a simple little hack."

I did learn 20% of the piece this weekend, though. This is a much higher music learning productivity than I've ever had before. I guess it gets easier with practice.

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