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Opera Supports RSS Feeds!

I upgraded my web browser (I use Opera) a few weeks ago and just today discovered that it has an integrated newsfeed (RSS) reader!

I noticed this in a rather roundabout way. I was investigating some Perl uninitialized variable warnings that started showing up this month, and sure enough I had made an off-by-one error in a month calculation. Months are 01-12, my array was 00-11, you get the idea.

It turns out the bug was in my RSS generation, so I've been marking everything with the wrong month ever since I started doing RSS. Oops. But the point is that after fixing the bug I had an occasion to click on my own RSS link (it's the blue "RSS" box over on the sidebar…) and when I did, Opera automatically subscribed me to my own newsfeed.

An RSS entry suddenly showed up in my e-mail status box, and sure enough, there's a Newsfeeds section in the organizer. Color me impressed. I never got into the trend of reading blogs via RSS because I didn't want to bother with installing software for it. Now that particular problem has vanished.

I only publish excerpts, not full articles, via RSS. And the text doesn't look quite right because it doesn't fetch my style sheet. But there's always a link to the real post, so RSS would be a handy way to at least know when I've posted something new. (I'm not doing anything in RSS for updates to older posts, though.)

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