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Audio Blegging

I need help. <rimshot>

But seriously, I'm in a pickle. Help me, I'm stuck in a giant pickle! <rimshot>

Ahem. I finished learning how to play some music a while ago and I've made a decent-quality MIDI recording.

I want to burn it to CD. You might think that's easy … it's not. I don't have a wavetable soundcard. I want to do it in software. There's only one instrument, a piano. But I've spent hours searching, downloading and installing software, discovering it doesn't do what I want or is too confusing to use, and getting annoyed.

I've tried software that turned out to be for creating loops. I've tried software that is missing essential configuration files. I've tried software that says you have to acquire other files first, but doesn't tell you where to get them. It's ridiculous.

Can someone point me to some software and some documentation? Nothing complicated. I want to do one thing: make an audio CD from a MIDI of a piano performance. I do not want to embark on a months-long journey of discovery about the intricacies of digital audio and synthesis. I want to spend about ten minutes on this. I want to push a button and have it work. Why is this so hard?

Explain it to me as you would a child.

It doesn't have to be free. I'll pay real money for something that works. But after my experience so far I'm extremely wary of buying before trying; up to this point I've had nothing but lemon-flavored software. The best I've done has been to produce a totally silent .wav of the correct length. I haven't even gotten to the point of worrying about the synthesis quality. Sigh.

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