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Financial Public Service Announcement

It's Buried Treasure Day on the Cap'n's ship. Ye should be wantin' to bury some treasure in tax-advantaged accounts to be metaphorically givin' the heave-ho to the IRS.

(IOW: I've been fussing with my investments recently and would like to pass along some information.)

This is your reminder that the 401(k) contribution limit is increasing from $13000 (2004) to $14000 (2005). If you've been out to sea like the Cap'n, you may even be surprised to learn that 2004's limit is higher than 2003's and that as a result you weren't even funding to this year's maximum. There's still time to adjust your (ahem, my) payroll deduction to catch up.

The Roth IRA contribution limit is also increasing, from $3000 (2004) to $4000 (2005).

A more literal bit of buried treasure news is that gold prices recently reached 16-year highs. The increasingly precious metal has been an excellent investment over the past few years as the US$ has declined. That's a trend I expect to continue. (Though before you take my advice, realize it's worth what you paid for it.)

Two important pieces of Intel news. Intel doubled its dividend for the second time this year, bringing the yield to an underwhelming but no longer pathetic 1.40%. Intel also named Paul Otellini to succeed Craig Barrett as CEO. The first I regard as a good thing for shareholders, the second I decline to comment on.

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