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A New Hobby

My excuse for not blogging much lately is that I've been spending a lot more time on music. I finally purchased a USB-MIDI interface and downloaded some music software so I could connect my PC to my digital piano.

This leaves little time for blogging. Which is a shame, because I've read a lot of interesting stuff this week that ordinarily I'd link to and comment on. Oh well.

However, this weekend I'm planning to write my own answers to the questions asked of the candidates in the first Presidential debate. I've only watched a few minutes of the debate (I'll watch the rest this weekend) but I already noticed a few things I wanted to comment on.

Competing for my time will be my desire to try a bit of musical composition based on a melody I heard with some co-workers a long time ago. It became something of an inside joke, and it's my job to carry jokes too far.

Tonight I found a bunch of Metallica MIDIs, so I'll have to split my practice time between Rachmaninoff and Metallica.

Sunday night I'm going to the symphony. They'll be performing Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto.

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