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Fishing for Compliments

Megan McArdle is fishing for compliments during her guest-blogging at Instapundit:

I'm a libertarian who hasn't yet decided who to vote for, and for the past week or so, I've been offering the commenters on my blog the chance to persuade me. Now that Daniel Drezner has gone Kerry, there aren't many of us undecided libertarians left. The responses have ranged from thoughtful critiques of both candidates' foreign and domestic policies, to one commenter who implied, at great length, that if I voted for Kerry I would never, ever get laid again.

This does give pause. …

And so even if it means a lifetime of celibacy, I'll try to take the high road, and vote my conscience, rather than my … er … well, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, that just makes the decision all the harder.

Sorry, babe — and if you've seen one of her television appearances, you know she is a babe — I'm not biting. But if you're ever in Oregon, I could supply it on demand. Measuring our cross-elasticity is something I would do with interest. Carefully exploring your supply curves would reduce our asymmetric information.

I could go on, but it gets much worse. No one wants to read that.

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