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Design Guessing Contest

The decision to develop and release the 3GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor (happy, Legal?) in 2003 was (in)famously made via some scribbles on a napkin.

In that fine tradition — and at peril of developing pointy hair — I present the following challenge.

During my recent "vacation" to help my sister move, these complete blueprints for a construction project were developed. What was built?

Click the image for a much larger view. (Incidentally, doesn't the widespread use of the phrase "click to enlarge" disturb anyone but me? Ya'll know that originated on porn sites, and the obvious double meaning, right?)

Write me if you'd like to take a guess about the blueprints. The winner gets… nothing. No, wait, fame — you get fame, because I have literally bazillions of readers. And they think you're sexy. Really. Would I lie?

UPDATE 2004-10-28 05:01:51 UTC: Sarah T. is the winner! She guessed it's a screen porch, which is as close as anyone was going to come. It's actually an aviary. My sister has a lot of birds, and the climate in Arizona is agreeable for them to spend most days outdoors. The aviary is essentially a wall (half solid, half screen) wrapped around the backyard porch. It has two layers of screen to keep her birds safe from wild birds. (There's apparently a problem with hawks in the area.)

There you go, Sarah — fame! Though I guess you were already famous, because as one of my co-workers you've already had your picture posted on this site.

Don't click on that link, don't look at that picture! No, no don't do it, it's too sexy!

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