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Tom Cox and the New Budget Coalition

(This is a letter to the editor, submitted to the Hillsboro Argus.)

Are you tired of politicians trying to scare voters into approving tax increases? They tried it with Measure 30, warning of severe cuts to education if it didn't pass. Voters rejected the measure in February, triggering a 5% budget cut.

Education is only 60% of the budget. Bigger cuts in other areas would have allowed smaller cuts in education. If education is so important to so many politicians, why didn't they move to protect it and acknowledge that cuts could have been smaller? Because they wanted the tax increase, and the alternative of "your money or your children's education" is the most powerful way to get it.

The New Budget Coalition's first agenda item is to set priorities, funding education and public safety first, so they will no longer be used as political cudgels. The NBC has many other great ideas, too, and has gained bipartisan support from some incumbents as well as over twenty candidates. One of the NBC's founders, Tom Cox, is running for State Representative of District 29 (Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove).

I urge you to support the candidates that support the New Budget Coalition. Together we can make the legislature stop playing politics and start paying attention to priorities.

Tiny Island