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A Walk Around the Blogosphere

As you've no doubt already noticed, I haven't felt like writing very much lately. It's been a unusually stressful period at work and I've come home wanting to relax, not wanting to write. Practicing piano has also stolen a considerable amount of my time.

Instead of writing something substantial, I'll just take you for a little stroll around the blogosphere.

From The Commons Blog, news that the NOAA may be exempted from federal information quality guidelines. This is an open door to basing policy on junk science. (Even more than it already is.)

Mr. Micha Ghertner takes on Hans-Hermann Hoppe's anti-immigration argument. Eric W., I told you he'd read it, didn't I? ;)

The comment by qwest is right — HHH sounds like a Republican, not a libertarian.

Also at Catallarchy, Don Lloyd looks at Social Security solvency, lifting the monetary veil of funding and appropriately focusing on production and consumption.

I've argued that the real problem with Social Security is that it fixes a retirement age. With increasing lifespans, people who could be productive will live off the dole instead.

Skip Oliva, president of Citizens for Voluntary Trade, wrote an excellent introduction to the antitrust problems faced by doctors. CVT is the place to go for antitrust news.

Iraq the Model translates and publishes comments from Iraqis from a BBC forum. Good reading.

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